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​​ Upon purchase you agree to the following terms :


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.





Payments accepted via: PayPal, Credit Cards, & Debit Cards. 


All California purchases are subjected to state sales tax






-Shipping is done through FedEx - Priority Overnight Service Only  


-Shipping cost are included in listed price of dragon(s) 

  Unless marked "+ Shipping" 


-We Ship out Monday through Thursday ONLY


-Delivery is usually by 10:30 am


* Guaranteed Live arrival on first delivery attempt only

* Someone MUST be at delivery address to receive your dragon(s)  

  a "Hold for Pick Up" at your closest authorized FedEx Shipping Center can be arranged if this is not possible.


  • Depending on current temperatures at the time shipping out date may be delayed to protect your dragon(s), and you will be notified at least 1 day in advance. If "Hold for Pick Up" temps at your closest authorized FedEx Shipping Center is safe  that option will be available.

  • Excalibur Dragons is NOT responsible for any delays in shipping/delivery time due to unforeseen errors/circumstances caused by FedEx delivery. it is best to be prepared to be available at your shipping address for the entire day incase of such a delay.


Good Health Guarantee 


 * Guaranteed live healthy arrival on first delivery attempt only

 *We guarantee the health of your dragon(s) for 14 Days


 *Excalibur Dragons is not responsible for any death or vet bills due to buyers      improper Husbandry so...

*PLEASE BE SURE TO RESEARCH PROPER DRAGON CARE AND HUSBANDRY  BEFORE PURCHASING! Upon purchase it will be assumed that you have done  this, as it is YOUR responsibility.If you need help or have questions about your husbandry please contact us. We require the new owner to communicate with us if the animal is not settling in well. If you do not communicate with us that you are having an issue, and you contact us after the 14 days, we cannot be responsible for the animal’s health. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance BEFORE you take any action. DO NOT seek the advice of another person or search engine before contacting us. Not adhering to this will void your health guarantee. 

Current dragon feeding schedule, and lights schedule will be conveyed to buyer at time of purchase if requested. 

****Our Dragons are NOT tested for Adenovirus.***





Excalibur Dragons Health Guarantee policys are covered for shipping within USA to Import/Exporters USA office/facility only. We are not responsible/do not guarantee Import/Exporters husbandry, or dragon care after receiving dragon(s) shipped from our facility. Furthermore, Excalibur Dragons is not responsible for Import/Exporters shipping policy's once they have received your bearded dragon into their shipping address/facility.  





All Refunds/Returns are made on a case by case bases at Excalibur Dragons discretion. Exchanges will not be done because buyer changes their mind on sex of dragon(s) they want, or simply wants to exchange for a different color/looking dragon(s). Please choose the dragon(s) you are certain you want before purchasing.

*Please understand that housing your new dragon with another dragon, reptile, or animal could pass contagions that could harm our entire collection. If you choose to do this with your new dragon, any guarantee or return is VOID.



*SEX OF BABY DRAGONS Purchase Policy Agreement*


We do our best to judge the sex of baby dragons using highly accurate methods, and we are typically 99.999% accurate. 

*All Exchanges or Refunds for incorrect sex are void after 2 months of delivery!!


Exchange or Refunds will be accepted for dragons where the sex was incorrectly posted in our error. In this case...once a claim is made that the sex of said purchased dragon was incorrectly labeled, Excalibur Dragons will need to verify/confirm this mistake ourselves. If this claim cannot be verified via pictures, video, or other indirect methods said dragon(s) will need to be shipped back to Excalibur Dragons at buyers expense via FedEx priority overnight shipping. Excalibur Dragons will arrange shipping, and shipping label will be sent to buyer via email. Once received we will verify said claim to be true or false. If confirmed that error was made on our behalf buyer will be refunded return shipping cost. At this point an option to exchange is possible for a dragon(s) of equal or lesser price if available at that time. If no dragons(s) of equal or lesser price are available, or buyer chooses not to exchange, then a full refund will be given. Before any refund or exchange is given, Excalibur Dragons must receive the dragon back in the same physical health as buyer received upon delivery.


In the case that it is determined that sex of said dragon was indeed correct at time of purchase than buyer will not be refunded the cost of return shipping to verify sex. At that point buyer will also be responsible for cost of shipping to have said dragon shipped back to them. If buyer cannot, or refuses to pay for return shipping to receive said dragon returned to them then a refund for initial purchase price of dragon excluding initial shipping cost will be refunded, & said dragon will then become property of Excalibur Dragons again.


Returns or Refunds WILL NOT be accepted for an error in sex of dragons marked “Probable” (ex: Probable Female). “Probable” indicates that we are not 100% certain of the sex of said dragon(s) marked as such. We do not guarantee the sex of any dragon(s) labeled "probable”. In this case, if possible, the buyer may be able to exchange such dragon(s) with another dragon(s) of equal or lesser value at Excalibur Dragons discretion. If an exchange is granted buyer will be fully responsible for ALL shipping & packing charges associated within the exchange of dragons. Before any exchange is given Excalibur Dragons must receive the dragon back in the same physical health as buyer received upon delivery, & confirm the error in sex.



D.O.A.  (dead on arrival) 


If in an extremely rare case your dragon(s) arrive deceased you must contact Excalibur Dragons via email within 30 min. of posted delivery (time posted as delivered via FedEx tracking notification). DO NOT REMOVE THE DRAGON FROM PACKAGING. Please provide a picture of the deceased dragon inside original packaging. Do not discard packaging material, because it may be needed to mail the dragon back to us. 


Once DOA is confirmed a full refund of the purchase price of the dragon(s) will be given. Shipping cost will NOT be refunded.


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